Hi, my name is Rika. I am a grateful mom of a wonderful daughter, a wife of a loving hubby, and I am lucky to be doing my dream job.

I live in Indonesia and a photographer specializing in baby, children and family photography. I am available for photo shoots in Indonesia and other countries in the region. You can have a photoshoot in my home studio, on hospital or on outdoor location. Please contact me for details.

I first started photography when I take my study in University. After graduate, I worked full time in a private company as an art director. I used to spend most of my free time to take pictures of my family, friends and their family. After the birth of my daughter my passion for the art of photography became stronger. I love my baby and I love taking pictures and the combination had led me to find my passion in children photography. Becoming a mother is a life enhancing experience that leads me to greater creativity, sensitivity, and compassion. And In 2009, i decided to have a full time career as photographer.

A love of children and photography has brought me to where I am today….I love being a children’s photographer, not just because i love children, but i also love to see the unpredictable moments... ( i call it "drama").I dont ask them to pose, I just let children be themselves and capturing them as naturally as possible.

Enjoy the drama...hope you like them too :)