Session Info

How long will the photo session?
Your photo session will last around 40 minutes to an hour.

How to book a session?
You can make your booking by sending an sms to +61 818 088 45953 or email to I only do up to 3 sessions in a day, on weekend only. It is recommended to book your session at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

Are there any costumes available in the studio?
Yes, rikari have lots of costumes, accessories and props too. There’s no limit on how many costume you can use during the photo shoot, but I would recommend you to also bring their regular, comfortable outfits too - preferably towards bright and soft colors. You may also want to bring their favorite toys.

What colors should parents wear for family photo?
Try to avoid clothing with big logos and distracting pattern. If you will do a group/family shot, it is also suggested to have similar color tone of outfits for the whole family.

For Maternity and Family photo session, do rikari provide make-up ?
Rikari don’t provide any make-up. I would suggest a natural light makeup.

Can I bring a camera and take a photo ?
No I am sorry, we really appreciate if you don’t take any photo in the studio.

Any advice?
Relax and Enjoy! That’s my advice, don’t push your baby to pose, babies are cute on their own way. Don’t worry too much about your child smiling, and try not to force them *children inevitably do their ‘cheese’ smile which doesn’t look very natural* we will get some smiles and I’ll be there to photograph them. Your photo shoot is about being natural and having fun.For babies… try and make sure they’ve had their meal and a sleep before the photo session. If you’ve booked a shoot and have anything else to ask me then please feel free to contact me .